New Hope - Live Now
When Things Change
Aaron Cordeiro

Too much change in your life getting you down? Remember, change could be God talking to you. Learn to manage, NOT manipulate your change. Focus on you Faith, NOT your frustrations. Remind yourself of all of Godís blessings to you and be Grateful, NOT grumbling. The main thing to focus on is NOT the change but your relationship with Jesus. (W1515)
A Greater Life
Wayne Cordeiro

Your best days are ahead of you - no matter where you are now! God guarantees it, if you follow Him. You CAN have a Greater Life. Do NOT fall for the enemy's strategy by settling for less. Always remember that Heaven is the treasure that is worth investing EVERYTHING in! (W1514)
A Sunday in Hawaii
Wayne Cordeiro

Contrary to popular belief, ancient Hawaiians worshiped one supreme God long before the first missionaries came! For centuries the early Hawaiians had one God but then a priest came from Tahiti and forced the introduction of a many gods and Kapu system. The Hawaiian people were controlled by this religion for centuries until the Hawaiian royalty overthrew that religion just BEFORE the first missionaries arrived so it was not the missionaries that forced the abolishing of the Hawaiian religion. However, it is up to us today to spread the Word of God through out Hawaii! (W1513)
Greater Influence
Craig Groeschel

Do you want to have greater influence in your world? God wants Christians to have greater influence. Four friends expanded their influence when they helped their paralyzed friend see Jesus and be healed. But in order to have greater influence you have to be willing to bear some burden. Jesus bore the Cross for us. You will also have to be willing to break some rules and do anything short of sin to save souls! (W1512)
Greater Pursuit
Chris Widener

Do you feel lost? God wants you to pursue hope and optimism. Look for the good in people. Pursue service to others. Someone said that you can get anything you want if you first give other people what they want! But be sure to guard your heart from sin or there will be a fall! (W1511)