New Hope - Live Now
Matt Higa

Heartburn: You Are What You Eat
Aaron Cordeiro

You are what you eat! So eat healthy! BUT this applies to your daily spiritual diet even more so! Daily spiritual guidance from the Bible is the best source of wisdom. It will give you wisdom beyond your years and is the highest form of prayer. Studying the Bible will give you peace, assurance and confidence! (W1520)
Friends & Unfriends
Wayne Cordeiro

The people you hang out with will influence you. Choose your friends wisely and do not associate with the wrong people because bad company corrupts good morals. Start by being the type of person you want your friends to be because like attracts like! (W1518)
Cuts & Bruises: Ways to Soothe Disputes
Wayne Cordeiro

We all get cuts and bruises from time to time. We may not realize it at the time but cuts and bruises left unattended can be disastrous! Important relationships and health can be ruined with inattentiveness! So take care of the little things! Make sure you guard your heart and focus on what is eternal! Shake off some of the little insults against you! (W1517)
The Covenant Container
Jon Burgess

What is your covenant with God? If you have a need, you should share it with others. If you have something to give, you should give it, no matter how small. If you have been given a container or a Godly mission, God will help you fill it. You must first be obedient to God whether you understand or not before His blessings will be showered upon you! (W1516)