New Hope - Live Now
What's In a Name?
Pat McFall

The only way you will navigate the changing values and culture of our day is to ask yourself two critical questions: “Who are you?” and “What are you doing here?” You should anchor your identity in being the son or daughter of God. Living out your identity is your ultimate vocation and you should find a place where you can express it in ACTION. (W1605)
Ownership Principle
Jon Burgess

God owns EVERYTHING – even things you think you own. You will either live as one who is owned by God or one who is owned by fear. But don’t worry, God wants to give you the Kingdom! If you are owned by the Shepherd then you are His sheep and he values you greatly. If you are owned by the Father, then you are His son. If you are owned by the King, then you are His servant and should serve by spreading the Word of God. (W1604)
A Generous God
Wayne Cordeiro

When we give, we honor God. Because God is a giving God, we need to give to become more like Him. By giving, other God qualities are developed. When we give, we bless others. Sometimes, we will not know what our giving will inspire until later. When we give, WE are blessed. Giving allows God to unleash His unlimited storehouse of blessings! (W1603)
Be A Part of the Story
Joe Sangl

No matter what, we all have to deal with money. So you had better learn to steward it well. Remember, God has blessed each and every one of you, so steward well what He has given you. You will be held accountable for what you do with your gifts. You do have a choice to be financially free. (W1602)
A Recipe for a Financial Miracle
Wayne Cordeiro

How little you have does not limit God's capacity for miraculous generosity. If you do have a need, you should share it. If you have something to give, give it. God will fill your need. This year, instead of increasing your standard of living, your focus should be on increasing your standard of giving. (W1601)