New Hope - Live Now
Come Together
John Burgess

Have you gotten too used to the broken things in your life? Are you barely tolerating an unhappy marriage, poor health, poor finances or your overly stressful job? Let Jesus help you change your life! Are you too proud to admit weakness? Are you insecure about your personal worth? Let Jesus transform you! (W1434)
Walk on Water
Matt Higa

Is God asking you to do something that seems to make no sense? Sometimes the best fruit is out on a limb! So you may have to take a risk but rest assured, Jesus will catch you, if you are with Him! You have to keep your eye on Jesus and not on the storms of your life. (W1433)
The Great Commision
Tenari Ma'afala

Has God called your name? Guess what? Yes!!! He HAS called your name to the Great Commission! Whether you heard Him or not - you are commanded to spread the Word of God throughout the world. Stand up, step up and speak up for God! Learn more about what Jesus commands in this sermon! (W1432)
Prioritize Our Treasure
Rod Shimabukuro

Where do you spend your time, talent and treasure? Do you spend them on yourself, family or God? At the end of the day, do you still have enough time and energy for God? Seek God first! You cannot bring any earthly thing with you to Heaven so look for eternal treasures! (W1431)
Intentional Life
Aaron Cordeiro

God is big on intentions! Have Godly intentions! God's best is available to you if you also add action to your intentions. When you have Christian intentions, are you going to change what you believe to be more according to what you actually do or are you going to change what you do to match your beliefs? (W1430)