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The Weakness Project
Richard Waialeale

Unhappy about your weaknesses? Use your weakness as your strength! Remember, God uses weaknesses for His glory! He does not always choose His strongest to fight a battle. Your weaknesses also prevent excessive pride and can help you to minister to others with similar weaknesses. (W1428)
Cultivating a Lifestyle of Revival
Pat McFall

Victory! In Christ, you already have your victory! You do not have to wait for God or anything - you can have DAILY revival. Learn here, how and why to cultivate a lifestyle of revival! (W1427)
Father Like the Father
Phil Comer

Whether you had a good earthly father or a bad earthly father, always remember that your Heavenly Father loves you always! As a wise father yourself, you will mold your children. As a caring father, you will discipline your children and as a faithful father, you will never abandon your children. Two of the greatest gifts you can give your children is to lead them to Jesus and to love their mom! Find out more about being a father in this message! (W1426)
Nature or Nurture
Christopher Yuan

How do you define being moral? Unfortunately, a lot of high school students define moral as being liked by other people. This ultimately means that life is all about you. Actually, life should be about God. (W1425)
Father's Day
Wayne Cordeiro

Happy Father's Day! Remember, your children are your gifts from God! Steward them well! Affirm your children in a Godly way. Let them know you approve of them. Steward your time well by knowing that love is spelled T-I-M-E. So spend time with your children and one of the main things is to love their mom. (W1424)