New Hope - Live Now
Peter Bonanno

Do the little things count? Yes! God wants you to be faithful in the little things to show that you can be trusted with the big things. It is in the little things that character is built. It is in the big things that character is revealed! If we do little things like big things, God will do the big things like little things. (W1438)
A Little Bit of Jonah
Wayne Cordeiro

When God asks yo to do something, do you ask "Why?" Well, instead, you should be asking, "Why not?" All of us sometimes have gone the opposite way when God tells us to do something. But He will never give up on us! Even if He has to send a perfecting or correcting storm to change our minds! Is there a storm in your life? Maybe you should change your mind! (W1437)
The Way of the Wise
Kevin Leman

Still wondering where you fit into God's plan? Lean not on your own understanding! Trust and love God with all your heart and all your mind! He wants not part or most of your heart - He wants 100% of your heart! God is a jealous God! (W1436)
Victorious Over Insecurity
Bernie Federmann

Feeling insecure? Worried about what others think about you? Then remember, what God says about you matters most of all! He says that you are a masterpiece and He loves you so much that He sacrificed Himself for you. Your past is forgiven in Christ and you are a new person with a fresh start! (W1435)
Come Together
John Burgess

Have you gotten too used to the broken things in your life? Are you barely tolerating an unhappy marriage, poor health, poor finances or your overly stressful job? Let Jesus help you change your life! Are you too proud to admit weakness? Are you insecure about your personal worth? Let Jesus transform you! (W1434)